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Munchkin 6, Demented Dungeons

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antal spillere3
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Now it´s Really A Dungeon Crawl. Munchkin is about kicking down doors, killing monsters, and stealing the treasure. But where´s the dungeon?

Demented Dungeons introduces a new twist on Munchkin.


Now you can enter the Dungeon of Elvish Excess, or rake a Prtal to the Dungeon of Manga Wrangling. Or explore both of them at once.


Each of the 20 double-sized Dungenon cards adds a new rule that affect the entire party, and naybe the monsters, too. Use the 16


Portal cards to jump from one Dungeon to the next in your search for

gold and glory.


This is an expansion for Munchkin. It is not a Stand-alone game.

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