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Axis & Allies, Europe 1940, second edition

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681,95 DKK

Produktet er desværre udgået af sortimentet

A WWII straategy game

Decide the fate of a nation and the destiny of the world.


The year is 1940. France is about to succumb to the unstoppable German armies blitzing through Western Europe. Italy´s armies are poised to attack in North Africa, Greece, and Southern France. What remains of the British army has recently evacuated Dunkirk. this Island nation is about to find itself standing alone and bracing for an invasion that could come at any moment. The United States, separated from world conflicts by two great oceans, remains neutral for the mometn. The Soviet Union has concluded a secret agreement with Germany, assuring that it will remain neutral should Germany go to war in Europe. These are trying times, but all of this is merely a prelude to the greatest conflict in human history.


As an Axis power, you will plan, build, and maneuver your mighty fleets of ships and aircraft in your effort to dominate the world. When the time is right, you will enter into direct military confrontations with the mightiest economic powers on earth, attempting to cripple them before they can thwart your plans.


As one of the Allied powers, you will come together with your allies in the recognized need for at common defense. To succed, you will need to take charge of your economic, political, and military might, because you´ll be challenged by the greatest land, sea, and air powers the world has ever see.


Rewrite the story and leave your mark on history.


Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 can be combined with Axis & Allis Pacific 1940 to create the greatest Axis & Allies experience to date.'

Both game boards unite to create a massive 70" x 32" playing field that will let you experince the full scale of World War II global conflict.


Includes new Italian miniatures as well as: New mechanized infantry, tactical bombes, and AAA (antiaircraft artillery) pieces.



  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 National Storage Boxes
  • 1 Research & Developiment Chart
  • 1 Battle/Casualty Strip
  • 100 National Control Markers
  • 16 Naval Base Markers
  • 14 Air Base Markers
  • 22 Industrial Complex Markers
  • 80 Chips
  • 6 Dice
  • 610 Plastic Minatures


2-5 deltagere

Alder: 12+

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