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Destiny Wasgij? 2 -150 brikker

91,95 DKK

Produktet er desværre udgået af sortimentet

Compete Against Time!

Destiny Wasgij? 2


Compete Against Time!


Not all of us have a crystal ball to predict the future. 

Use your imagination as well as your curiosity to descover the futur in the Wasjig Destiny puzzle.

Only the puzzle holds the answer.


For year we have had sporting competitions, but a lot haas changed, clothes, equipment and scoring systems are all different now.


Archery has changed over the years, and so have a lot of the other events!

Try to imagin how a modern day in the world of sport will look. That is the view you have to puzzle.


Puslespil på 150 brikker fra Jumbo


Størrelse ca. 35 x 25 cm.

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