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Galaxy Trucker

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Produktet er desværre udgået af sortimentet

Om a Gaæaxu far, far away....

Galaxy Trucker


In a Galaxy far, far away....


They need sewer systems, too. Corporation incorporated builds them. Everyone knows their drivers - the brave men and women who fear no danger and would, if the pay was good enough, even fly through well.


Now you can join them. You will gain access to prefabricated spaceship components cleverly made from sewer pipes.

Can you build a space ship purable enough to weather storms of meteors? Armed enough to defend against pirates*?

Big enough to carry a large crew and waluable cargo?

Fast enough to get there first?


Of course you can. Become a galaxy trucker.

It´s loads of fun.


2-4 deltagere

Alder: 13+

Spilletid ca. 60 min.

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