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Mansions of Madness 2nd edition

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Second Edition

Mansions of Madness, Second Edition


The Door Is Open


The grimy alleys and looming mansions of Arkham harbor eldritch forces, terrifying secrets, and unspeakable monsters. Within thes ancient buildings, gibbering madmen and cultists call upon the Ancient Ones, and beasts unknown by mortal scholars stir beneath the gibbons moon. Tonight, a few brave investigators venture behind Arkham´s closed doors to make their stand against the madness within...


Mansions of Madness is a fully cooperative board game of horror and discovery for one to five players. pl.ayers take the part of investigators, entering the darkened rooms of haunted Arkham mansions and other sinister locales to discover strange secrets, solve cunning puzzles, and battle otherworldly dangers. Mansions fo Madness also includes a bonus conversion kit thgat sllows fans of the first edition to use their inverstrigators, monsters and map tiles in this new edition.


1-5 deltagere

Alder: 14+

Spilletid ca. 2-3 timer

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