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Munchkin 7, Cheat with both hands

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alderFra 10 år
149,00 DKK

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This set is an expansion

Admit it.


You really like to combine all your Munchkin sets... the stupider things get, the better. Now you can play your Star Munchkin Cthulhu Booty zombie dream game!


Cheat With Both Hands was created for the anythinggoes games where every deck is in play and no combo is too strange. Why be a Super Munchkin when you can be an Ultra Munchkin? If a Half-Breed isn´t enough, be a 1/3-Breed. And if a regular Cheat! cards doesn´t do it for you, Cheat With Both Hands!


There are lots of new Item Enhancers and Monster Enhancers... and a new type of card, the Enhancer Enhancer! Plus lots of low-level monsters to help you get those easy kills. Until somebody takes that Sock Puppet and turns it into the ultra-Rare Extremely Sneaky Sock Puppet With Extra Cheese....


This set is weird. It´s overpowered. You want it.


This set is an expansion, not a stand-slone game it is meant to be combined with at least two munchkin games.


3-6 deltagere

Alder: 10+

Spilletid ca. 1-2 timer

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