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Munchkins - Zombies

241,95 DKK

Produktet er desværre udgået af sortimentet

Kill the Living!

Munchkins, Zombies


Kill the Living!

Eat their brains!



It´s the sickest, silliest Munchkin yet! You are zombies, kicking down doors and eating brains.

The "monsters" you´re attacking are people, some helpless and some hazardous, with a few rogue zombies thrown in. The armor is whatever you´ve blundered across during your lurching search for brains. So bravely you´ll go forth, with mousetraps on your feet and a bowling trophy protecting your poor rotting head.... to level up, or to die. Again.


3-6 deltagere

Alder: 10+

Spilletid 1-2 timer

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