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Portapuzzle Pro 1000 brikker

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469,95 DKK

Produktet er desværre udgået af sortimentet

Portapuzzle Pro 1000 brikker


A new way of puzzling and storing


Incl. 4 sorting trays and clip


Instruction for use:

  1. Open the Portapuzzle Pro and lift out the puxxle mat.
  2. The puzzle mat can be used flat, or set up at an angle, by bending the cover and fixing it into position using the slots provided. Many puzzlers will find the tilted position more comfortable for puzzling.
  3. 4 sorting trays are included for sorting the puzzle pieces. When you have finished puzzling, replace the puzzle mat (wityh the partially completed puzzle) ensuring that the cover is properly aligned and closed, using the Velcro to secure the puzzle.
  4. Instructions for the clip: The puzzle box lid can be fixed to the tilted mat for ease of reference when puzzling. Just slide the clip together, fix it to the puzzle mat and slide the box lid onto it.

Suitable for puzzles up to the standard size of a 1000 piece puzzle (ca. 68 x 40 cm.) - Puzzle not included

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