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Rock Science, join the Rock Alliance

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The Rock game of teh Century

Rock Science is a new game about rock music and metal. Hundreds of bands and artists are included, from early Classic Rock to Contemporary genres. Play Rock Science and put all your rock wisdom to work!


Rock Science is a game by rockers, for rockers. It´s easy to learn and quick to play (45 min.). The 2.500 questions dig deep into our shared passion for rock music and rock culture. Rock Science packs hundreds of hours of fun and trills together with friends and family!


2.500 questions. Answer questions about rockers, albums, songs and much more.

Fine-tune the level. All questions come in three different versions: Fan, Poser or Scientist. Poser questions are easier which means anyone can join the game!

Bet on your friends. Betting on each other´s knowledge keeps everyone involved.

And much more. Drinking game rules, travel version rules....


Thers´s nothing trivial in this pursuit.



  • 2.500 questions in the categories "Song", "Album", "Rock the Song", " Rocker", "50/50" and "sex, Drugs and Rock´n Roll"
  • 1 board
  • 6 pawns
  • 1 die
  • 12 Betting Cards
  • Game rules booklet
  • 6 rules reference cards


"Basicall what you and your pals are arguing over on a Friday night put into a game. In Rock Science, not only can you whit the argument but you can win the whole thing. Get down and get with it!"

Nick Royale (Entombed, The Hellacopters and Imperial State Electric)



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