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Tide of Iron, Days of the fox

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Produktet er desværre udgået af sortimentet

In February 1941, the German 5th Light Division is dispatched to reinforce failing Italian military operations in North Africa. Assigned to lead this "Afrika Korps" is one of Germany´s finest field officers: General Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel.

Leading a series of brilliant offensives against British Commonwealth forces in Libya, Rommel earns the nickname "The Desert Fox." Yet, as he pushes to seize control of vital Middle Eastern oil supplies, his hopes are shattered against the walls of the ancient city of Tobruk. Soon, the momentum of entire war turns against the Axis, and Rommel´s forces face the massive onslaught of the British and American armies as they land in North Africa.


This expansion includes the map bords, rules, and counters needed to wage desert warfare in Tide of Iron, as well as the infantry, vehicles, and tokens needed for players to command the forces of the British Commonwealth. Day of teh Fox also introduces new anti-tank units for the American, Britísh, German forces; adds two new German tank unit types (the Panther and the PzIII); includes six new official scenarios; and adds dozens of new Strategy and Operations cards.


Do you have the fortitude and skill to relive the days of the fox?


2-4 deltagere
Alder: 12+
Spilletid: ca. 1-4 timer

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