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Munchkin - Zombies Deluxe

201,95 DKK

Produktet er desværre udgået af sortimentet

Kill the living!

Dill the Living!

Eat their Brains!



You are zombies, kicking down doors and eating brains. The "monsters" you´re attacking are people, some helpless and some hazardous, with a few rogue zombies thrown in.

The armor is whatever you´ve blundered across during tyour lurching search for brains.  So bravely you´ll go forth, with mousetraps on your feet and a bowling trophy protecting your poor rotting head.... to level up, or to die. Again.




174 cards

6 pawns

1 dice



3-6 deltagere

Alder: 10+

Spilletid 1-2 timer

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